Adele Biton - critically injured
Reproduction photo courtesy of Shomron Regional Council

5 suspects arrested over Ariel attack

Palestinians from nearby town of Kifel Hares arrested in connection with stone throwing attack that left Adele, 3, in critical condition, six others moderately wounded

Nearly two weeks after the stone throwing attack that led to the crash near Ariel in which seven Israelis, including toddler Adele Biton were injured, five Palestinian teenagers, aged 16-17 from the nearby town of Kifl Hares were arrested on Sunday for their suspected involvement in the attack.


The arrest was possible thanks to joint IDF , Shin Bet and police operations. According to security forces, the five confessed their involvement in the incident, in which seven people sustained injuries, including Adele Biton who remains in hospital in critical condition.


Four members of the Biton family – Adva Biton and her three daughters were driving on Route 5 on March 14 stones hurled by Palestinians led Adva to crash her car into an oncoming truck

רכבן של בנות משפחת ביטון אחרי התאונה (צילום: אוהד צויגנברג)

The Biton family car (Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg)


Three-year-old Adele, was critically wounded, Adva Biton, 40, and her two other daughters, Avigail and Naama - ages four and five - sustained moderate injuries.


A 186 bus passing at the time also came under the barrage of rocks; the driver and two passengers were lightly wounded.


I remember everything," Adva Biton recalled after the attack. "We were at my mother's house for an hour and a half. After we left, about 100-200 meters from Ariel, I saw a truck in front of me. Within one second I heard a boom. Everything turned dark, I couldn't see a thing.


"The truck was hit by the first barrage of stones and was forced to brake. I found myself under it. When I was below the vehicle I couldn’t move any part of my body except the hand. I used it to hold my daughter's head up, hoping that by keeping an open airway I'll be able to save her."


"I thank God for leaving me and my precious daughters, Avigail and Naama, alive with superficial injuries. That's the bright side. I'll thank him for every decision he makes in regards to my Adele, and I believe he'll give us the option to have her back."



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