Adele Biton

Toddler injured in terror attack fights for her life

Family members of Adele Biton, who was critically injured in a crash in the West Bank, will be holding Seder at the hospital, at her bedside; visitors include Arab paramedic who stabilized Biton on scene

Adele Biton, 3, is fighting for her life after she sustained critical injuries terror attack in the West Bank.


On Thursday, March 14, Adva Biton, 32, was traveling home with her three daughters, when a rock was thrown through the window of her car, prompting her to lose control of the vehicle, and crash into a parked truck.


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Due to Adele's critical condition, her family is preparing to spend Seder in the hospital.


“We are now thinking short-term; we are in a stage of survival, to see that she pulls out of this,” said Adele's father, Rafi. “There are some very hard moments. Only those who experienced something like this with their child can understand what we're going through.”

אדל ואמה אדווה. "בדקתי שהראש שלה לא מנותק"

Adele and Adva Biton


Adele's mother, Adva, who was driving the family car while stones were hurled at her direction, added that “Adele is fighting for her life, but it is clear to me that she will be okay. It is a complete miracle that she is alive and with us, and I am always telling her to be strong."


Recounting the night of the accident, Adva noted that immediately after the crash she looked at the back seat and "saw Adele with her head dropped to the side. I put out my hand to make sure the head was attached and to open the airway. She had a very slow pulse.


"At the same time, I was talking to my girls to make sure they were still conscious. When the paramedics arrived, I would not let them come near me and insisted that they take care of the girls first."

רפי ואדווה ביטון. "קשה להסביר את העזרה שאנחנו מקבלים" (צילום: מוטי קמחי)

Rafi and Adva Biton (Photo: Moti Kimchi) 


Adva is by her daughter’s bed every day, waiting for her to awaken from her serious head injury. "I'm usually a ‘control freak,’ but here you can be very helpless, so I'm trying to have faith,” she said.


“I tell the doctors that I trust them 100%, but this is something that is beyond our control."

תפילות להחלמת הפצועות. כל היישוב תומך (צילום: אוהד צוינגברג)

Friends pray for Adele (Ohad Zwigenberg)


In addition to the great concern for Adele, the Biton family is also coping with the injuries of the two other daughters: Avigail, 4, and Naama, 5.


“It is definitely a challenge," Adva says, "and we also have to help them. They keep asking for Adele. Luckily, the community around us is amazingly supportive, and helps us in every way."


Many visitors arrive at the hospital room, to offer support and prayer for the family.

הרכב של בני משפחת ביטון. "אם לא המשאית - יכולנו להתהפך" (צילום: אוהד צויגנברג)

The car after the crash (Photo: The car after the crash)


One of the visitors is Muawiya Qabha, the paramedic who stabilized Adele at the scene. "I wasn’t on duty," Qabha said, "but as soon as I heard about the accident I rushed to the scene. Adele was seriously injured but I decided to fight for her. When I saw the car I didn’t think anyone survived the accident. When I pulled the girl out of the car all I cared about was saving her.


On Sunday, five suspects were arrested for the incident, which was categorized as a terror attack.


"I felt bad, as an Arab, when I found out that Arabs were the ones who hurled the stones that caused all this," the paramedic said.


But Adele's mother insists, "You're origin has nothing to do with this. Arabs threw the stones but you, also an Arab, saved her life. Without your skills she might not have survived."



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