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Man breaks senior citizen’s leg over request to restrain dog

A day after a Holocaust survivor was attacked in Holon, a 75-year-old Herzilya man assaulted by 27-year old for commenting on his dog. Amiram Oron suffers open break on his leg, bruising. Police arrest suspect

Violence against a senior citizens continues, this time a man was assaulted over his 'audacity’ to chide a couple who let their dog into the children’s play area in his neighborhood in Herzliya.


A 27-year old man is suspected of hitting Oron in the face and pushed him several times until he fell on the ground, leaving him with an open break on his ankle. This incident took place a day after a 79-year-old Holocaust survivor in Holon was attacked by the father of a child who was taking apart benches in a public park. Both instances were first reported by Ynet.


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Oron left his house  in Herzliya on Saturday with his neighbor, 80, to go to the public garden, on Rishon Lezion Street in the city. As they were sitting in the garden, a group of teenagers arrived with their dogs.
אורון בבית החולים (צילום: ליאור ראם)

Oron in the hospital (Photo: Lior Ram)


Lior Ram, Oron’s son-in-law, said, “In the public garden there is an area designated as a children’s playground. On the fence there are signs stating it’s forbidden to allow dogs into the area. More than once, my father-in-law saw people letting their dogs in and said something to them.


"He even called the municipality regarding the issue,"Ram continued. "He saw the group of teens going into the designated area with dogs and made a remark to them about it. In response, a man came up to him and began to curse him.”


At this point, Ram says, the confrontation between the man and Ram's father-in-law escalated, with the suspect coming up to him and ramming him violently in the head before pushing him backward.

"לאן הגענו שככה תוקפים מבוגרים?" (צילום: ליאור ראם )

Oron being evacuated (Photo: Lior Ram)


Oron fell and during the fall, part of his leg which was under the leg of the attacker, broke. “This created an open break, the leg was literally torn out of place and Amiram was left moaning in pain,” his son-in-law said from his seat next to him at the emergency room of Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba.


A friend of Oron’s called the police and Magen David Adom services, who arrived on the site. The paramedics found him lying on the ground, suffering from blunt force trauma to his head and an open break on his ankle. After first aid was delivered, he was transported to the hospital. Police tracked down the suspect who claimed that “he was the one who attacked me, this is a matter of self defense.”


Oron’s relatives are worried. “He will probably need to have an operation and who knows how he will succeed in walking again. He was suffering from severe pain, and was surprised and shocked that he was attacked by the teen just because he told him not to bring his dog into the area meant for children. What have we come to if they attack the elderly like this because of nothing? We hope the police will extract justice from with the attacker,” his son-in-law said.


'It reminded me of my childhood’

At the same time the police continue to investigate the earlier attack of the Holocaust survivor Pavel (Pavlik) Gertman, 79, whose ‘sin’ was to make a remark to children who were taking apart a bench and table in the pillbox park in the Tel Giborim neighborhood of Holon.


“I was in Holon's center when I noticed a number of children with a shopping cart dismantling the benches elderly people sit on every day. I approached them and asked, 'What are you doing?' I began to take out the boards they loaded onto the cart," Gertman said. 


"A few minutes later a man of about 40 showed up and began yelling at me and shoving me. He sat me down on the bench, put his hand on my neck and started hitting me,” the elderly man told Ynet.


Gertman has visible bruising to his face, and when he talks about the event, he breaks into tears. "He punched me. My nose swelled up. He asked me why I laid a hand on his children, but I didn’t lay a hand on them.”


The investigation of the Ayalon Sub-District Police found that the suspect in the attack is not classified as a felon, and he is cooperating completely with the police. He claimed the elderly man was the one who threatened him with his cane and even scratched him with it. 


The suspect was questioned and granted limited release on bail, and the police have not yet decided whether to file an indictment against him. Police plan to request to extend his arrest in Tel Aviv Disrict Court. He was stopped for mutual assault.



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