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McDonald's raises prices of most meals

After increasing prices less than year ago, fast food chain applies 2% price hike on most items on menu. 'There was a rise in input prices,' company explains, saying won't increase prices when VAT goes up

In a particularly bad timing, just after the Finance Ministry revealed its plan for tax hikes and austerity measures, McDonald's Israel on Tuesday raised the prices of most items on its menu.


A customer named Roee, who visited one of the fast food chain's restaurants several days ago, discovered that the price of an enlarged McRoyal meal increased by NIS 2 (about $0.56).


"I didn’t pay attention at first, only when I was about to pay. When the cashier saw me checking the price, he told me it had gone up. It doesn't really look good that I used to pay 40 something shekels and now I have to pay 50 something shekels…"


Prices of some items reduced

The chain has apparently raised the prices of most meals by NIS 1 ($0.28) – from NIS 41.90 ($11.74) to NIS 42.90 ($12.02) – a 2.3% increase. The price of the children's meal went up by NIS 0.40 ($0.11), from NIS 27.50 ($7.71) to NIS 27.90 ($7.82) – a 1.4% increase.


French fries now cost NIS 12.90 ($3.61), up from NIS 12.50 ($3.5), a 3.2% rise. The prices of the chain's salads and ice cream went up by NIS 0.30 ($0.08).


The bright side is that the prices of some items on the menu have been reduced: For example, a Big America meal (125 grams of meat) now costs NIS 42.90 ($12.20) instead of NIS 44.90 ($12.58) – down 4.4%.


In September 2012, McDonald's Israel raised the prices of most items on its menu, apart from Big Mac and Easy Mac, by 3-11%. The price of the chain's most popular meal, McRoyal, went up from NIS 39.90 ($11.18) to NIS 41.90 ($11.74) – a 5% increase. Other items subject to the price hike were French fries and the sundae dessert.


Several months earlier, McDonald's reduced the prices of some of its products following the cost of living protest: The price of a Big Mac meal was decreased at the time from NIS 34.90 ($9.78) to NIS 29.90 ($8.38) – down 15%.


McDonald's Israel offered the following statement in response: "This is a periodical price hike in light of the rise in input prices. The chain has not raised prices since September 2012. Nonetheless, the chain will not change its new prices once the VAT is increased."



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