Photo: Jerusalem District Police

Police raid anti-enlistment haredi printing press

Jerusalem District Police confiscated pashkevil (haredi leaflet) calling on haredim to name haredi enlisters, arrest publisher on suspicion of incitement

Haredi pashkevil leaflets calling readers to submit caricatures against haredi enlistment to the IDF were confiscated Thursday evening from a Jerusalem printing press.


Jerusalem District Police said that the leaflets were supposed to be distributed in the upcoming days among the city's ultra-orthodox community in a bid to start a competition against enlistment. The printing press's owner was detained, and police are currently investigating whether the incident constitutes incitement.


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"We declare a competition against (enlisting haredim)," the leaflet wrote. "To join the competition, all you need to do is send a drawing, caricature or comics illustration which send a clear message regarding the threat (haredi enlisters) pose to our future." 


Sources revealed that the text referred to light-headed haredim, suggesting that such are those who join the IDF.

הפשקוויל. תחרות להורים ולילדים (באדיבות משטרת מחוז ירושלים)

Join the competition (Photo: Jerusalem District Police)


The leaflet invited children and parents concerned about the future of the orthodox world of Torah – and the threat posed by enlisters to "the haredi character" of their society – to join the competition.


Moreover, the leaflet claimed that the number of such haredim was decreasing, hence the urgency of finding those still out there.


In light of such a reality, the paper said, it was decided that the pashkevil would commence the competition, in which people would send drawings of those intent on enlistment to the paper, where they would be placed in an identikit.  

"נעלמים מהרחובות" (באדיבות משטרת מחוז ירושלים)

Details for participation (Photo: Jerusalem District Police)


The notice requested that the pictures not be too accurate and that no identifying marks be included. Nonetheless, it stated that they believed that the likenesses would dissuade those still contemplating enlistment from continuing their alleged anti-haredi activities.


Wednesday, The IDF Advocate General announced the army is assembling dozens of cases of violence, incitement and assault targeting haredi soldiers due to their military service, with the purpose of filing indictments against the radical elements in the haredi sector behind them.


Violence against haredi soldiers has recently seen a marked rise, possibly due to the public dispute over the draft reform, set to conscript the previously largely exempt haredi sector.



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