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Half of Israelis have no problem pulling out their smartphones during social events
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Israel a smartphone superpower

Google survey reveals 57% of Israelis have a smartphone in their pocket, close to becoming world leaders in device's penetration

VIDEO - Do you sometimes get the feeling that smartphones on the Israeli street are multiplying in a way that is completely disproportionate to Israel's technological progress? And while traveling in the United States, do you also feel that there are a lot fewer smartphones around? Well, feel free to pat yourself on the back. Your perceptions are completely correct.


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According to a survey commissioned by Google, 57% of Israelis own a smartphone, giving Israel the second place in the world in the device's penetration. Britain ranked first with 62% of the population owning a smartphone, and Spain came in third with 55%.

העלייה החכמה

Smart increase


The most impressive figure in the survey conducted with Ipsos MediaCT is the sharp increase. In the first quarter of 2012 only 35% of Israelis had a smartphone, and while Spain went up from 44% - it was quickly bypassed by Israel.


Smartphone use champions

The survey also detailed Israelis' smartphone use habits, where Israel leads Europe and the US in every possible parameter. We surf the Internet on our smartphone more than Europeans and Americans (93%), use search engines (86%), use more applications (84%), use maps and visit social networks (82%).


Israelis are even champions in watching videos on their small screens, with 77% of smartphone users who view clips on YouTube and other video sharing sites and 48% who watch full television shows online.

איפה משתמשים

Where do people use their smartphones?


And what about the famous Israeli manners? In 2011, the survey found out that only 16% of Israelis felt comfortable using their smartphones during social events. But in 2013, that number jumped to 50% who have no hesitations pulling out their phones on such events.


A similar increase was found in smartphone use in coffee shops. In 2013, 54% had no problem pulling out their phone while nibbling on a croissant, compared to only 30% in 2011.


According to this year's figures, Israelis use their phones all day and quite frequently. The most extensive use takes place at home (87%), at work (77%) or while travelling home from work or walking on the street (72%).



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