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Palin on Syria: Let Allah sort it out

At religious conference, former VP candidate says she is against Obama arming Syrian opposition, adding that in her opinion Syrians should figure it out themselves, until US has leader who truly understands situation

WASHINGTON - Sarah Palin isn’t even running for public office, yet she’s still generating headlines. The former governor of Alaska, who was the Republican Party’s choice for vice president in 2008, expressed disagreement with President Barack Obama’s intention to arm rebels fighting the Assad regime in Syria.


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As far as she was concerned, Palin said, the Syrians should figure it out for themselves. Not only that, she added that the world should “Let Allah sort it out.” This and other eloquence was par for the course at Palin’s speech at the annual Faith and Freedom Coalition conference, before an audience of religious conservatives in Washington.


“Where is our commander-in-chief?” Palin asked. “We’re talking now more new interventions. I say until we know what we’re doing, until we have a commander-in-chief who knows what he’s doing, well, let these radical Islamic countries who aren’t even respecting basic human rights, where both sides are slaughtering each other as they scream over an arbitrary red line, ‘Allah Akbar,’ I say until we have someone who knows what they’re doing, I say let Allah sort it out."



For those who have missed watching Palin’s performances, they will soon be able to treat themselves in high doses. Five months after the former Alaskan governor announced her retirement from conservative news network Fox, she has made a u-turn and returned to the airwaves. Prior to her retirement, she was receiving $1-million a year from the network, for her work as a commentator.


It appears Palin needs the money, and Fox wants her for ratings, so the two are collaborating again after this brief separation.


And how was the former conservative politician spending her time while away from the cameras? She told Fox viewers, “I've been very busy, of course, with my kids, two beautiful grandkids," and added that she was writing a book about “how to push back and protect the heart of Christmas.” Palin described the work-in-progress as a "very festive and happy and jolly book about tradition and recipes and fun things about Christmas.”



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