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Father of 'Hitler' to name new baby Eva Braun or Rommel

Holocaust denier from New Jersey who named his children Aryan Nation, Heinrich Hons and Hitler, proposes to girlfriend in full Nazi attire

Heath Campbell, the New Jersey man who made headlines when he decided to name his sons Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Hons, said he and his fiancé Bethanie Rose Zito are expecting their first child.


Zito, 22, told the New York Daily News: “If it’s a girl, it’s gonna be Eva Braun. If it’s a boy, I don’t know what I’m gonna name him, but I’m thinking Rommel.”


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The older three children were taken into state custody in 2009 as part of proceedings which were sparked after a shop refused to decorate a birthday cake with the name of their oldest child, Adolf. His youngest child, Hons, was taken into care hours after his birth in November 2011.


Holocaust-denier Campbell, 40, has since insisted the decision to name his eldest after “a great war hero” is “cute.”


הופיע עם חברתו לדיון בבית משפט במדים נאציים. קמפבל וזיטו 

Campbell and Zito


Eva Braun was Hitler's longtime companion of Hitler. The two got married less than 40 hours before they committed suicide. Erwin Rommel was a German general during World War II, who was eventually accused in a plot to overthrow Hitler and also killed himself.


אדולף היטלר עם הוריו ב-2009. ההורים נפרדו מאז  (צילום: AP)

Adolf Hitler Campbell with his parents in 2009


Campbell’s four kids with his third wife — Adolf Hitler Campbell, 7; JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, 6; Honz­lynn Jeannie Campbell, 5; and 19-month-old Hons Heinrich — were all taken away by the state amid domestic violence allegations.


Zito’s one-year-old son, who has a different father, has also been removed from her custody.


Campbell, 40, is the father of eight kids with four women and lives off government assistance. He said the pregnancy came as a total surprise — but not an unwelcome one.


The unborn child has affirmed his belief in white supremacy.


“She was on the pill, but we don’t believe in abortions. That’s murder,” Campbell said. “Maybe God just doesn’t want the white race to die.”


The father-to-be said he has plans in place to ensure the state doesn’t interfere when his newest child is born, claiming: “There’s no way in the world they’re going to find out where this child is. In July I’m shipping (my fiancée) to a neo-Nazi compound down South.”


Campbell proposed to Zito on Monday wearing a full Nazi uniform - which he also sported earlier this month in a New Jersey court to fight for the right to see his kids. He has denied the allegations of abuse and claimed his family was being persecuted because of the children's names.


Outside the courthouse, Campbell added: "I've never abused my children, I only name my children and I don't think it's right anymore.


"Basically, what they're saying is because of my beliefs and I'm a Nazi, that us people don't have any constitutional rights to fight for our children," he said.


When asked whether he believed his Nazi uniform would help his case, the 40-year-old replied: “If they're good judges and they're good people, they'll look within, not what's on the outside."



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