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Israel marketed as conference hub
Tourism Ministry launches mini website describing Jewish state as international convention destination. Some NIS 200,000 invested in advertising campaign
The Tourism Ministry is attempting to market the State of Israel worldwide as an international conference hub under the banner "One place, endless possibilities."


A new mini website launched by the Ministry describes Israel as a unique destination for international conventions and for companies worldwide to offer incentives to their employees and agents with a wide variety of possibilities.


Offered in English and Russian, the website attempts to appeal to travel agents and decision makers around the world – particularly in Russia, England, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.


The website is being promoted through an advertising campaign in the print media and Internet around the world at a total cost of NIS 200,000 (about $55,000).


In a bid to further promote the new field, Tourism Ministry officials will participate in professional fairs, and hold seminars and educational tours in Israel for travel agents and decision makers. The agents will also be exposed to a wide variety of recommended tours and activities for before and after the conferences.


'Objective advantages'

According to the Tourism Ministry, "Research has shown that workers who receive an experiential reward from their employer remember it better and longer than a financial incentive.


"Experience and research show that the experiential incentive makes employees more loyal to their workplace and increases their appreciation for their employer, who did not just invest cash but also took the time to plan and implement an experience for the worker.


"Employees who have received a special incentive go back to work with resumed enthusiasm and this affects their co-workers, who would also like to receive the incentive."


The website offers a professional and creative team and describes congress centers, hotels and facilities able to accommodate from 50 to 10,000 participants.


Through a video called "Spirit of Israel," the website describes a wide variety of possible incentives in Israel by interest, and conveys the message that one ticket can buy a tour of Israel's holy sites, recreation and vacation sites, culinary and extreme activities and nature trails.



The website also includes a list of Israeli agents specializing in conferences and incentives for companies, as well as details of the Ministry's tourism offices in Jerusalem and abroad.


According to Tourism Ministry Director-General Amir Halevy, "Israel is extremely suitable for international conventions and as an incentive for employees, thanks to being a modern and interested country with Jerusalem at its center, and thanks to its objective advantages, like the convenient weather for events all year round, the fact that it is a relatively small place allowing quick and convenient arrival at any place, and the fact that it is geographically diverse."



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