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Gay soldier's room defaced with 'death to homo' inscription

IDF transferred soldier to different company after series of homophobic incidents; Military Police yet to find perpetrators who wrote 'stinking homo,' tossed uniform in toilet

Homophobic inscriptions were found in the base quarters of an openly gay soldier, as well as in the base bathroom and another building in the base.


Military Police have launched an investigation into the incident, and the soldier was transferred to another company, Ynet learned.


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The inscriptions, reading "Death to the homo," and "homo = trash," were not the first incident in which the soldier was targeted. Previously, the soldier's personal protective vest was inscribed with "stinking homo," and in another his uniform was tossed in the toilet.


כיתוב בבסיסו של החייל

Inscription reading 'homo=trash' in soldier's base


According to testimonies which reached Ynet, other inscriptions found around the base read "no place for homos in Brigade 7," "homos belong only in Brigade 401."


High-ranking officers in the base, including Brigade 460 commander, a colonel, failed to find the perpetrators of the homophobic attacks. In an irregular step, the base decided to involve the

Military Police, which are still investigating the matter.


Following one of the initial incidents, the soldier's company was convened and its commander explained the severity of the actions. But the incidents continued, and the base commanders, with the soldier's approval, decided to transfer him to a different company.


This week he completed the course successfully, and is up for a command course in the Armored Corps.


One of the soldiers from his previous company told Ynet: "Those who did these acts are cowards, since they weren't ready to confront the soldier face-to-face.


"He never hid his sexual identity or was ashamed of it, even before he enlisted. His friends supported him after the actions were found out, and he managed socially during the period, even though the acts hurt him," he said, adding "It's a shame they decided to handle this problem by transferring him from the company."


The IDF is considered one of the world's most advanced armies regarding gay soldiers' acceptance and rights, with the result that in recent years more soldiers and officers have openly discussed their sexual identity.



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