Some 200 attendees at 'nature party'
Photo: Courtesy of Shai District Spokesperson

Detectives raid party in Latrun, seize drugs

Police pose as guests in 'nature party', arrest organizers, drug dealers on site. Detectives confiscate hashish, LSD, laughing gas

Shai District Police detectives raided a party in Canada Park in the vicinity of Latrun around noon Saturday. During the event, they arrested seven people, confiscated drugs and NIS 15,000 ($4,123) that was collected from some 200 of the party's attendees, most of whom are in theirs 20s. The detectives posed as party guests and while dancing, they located one of the party's organizers and a number of drug dealers.


Among the attendees was a 14-year-old boy who arrived with his father, a known figure in the drug-party scene. Police said this was not the first time the boy accompanies hid father and will be treated by social services.


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During the party, officers mingled with the crowd, arrested three on suspicion of drug dealing and organizing the party, and four more were arrested on suspicion of drug use and possession. Drugs such as hashish, LSD and marijuana were apprehended during the party, as well as a laughing gas stand, which sold nitrous oxide canisters to the party guests.


Police forces also confiscated NIS 15,000 ($4,123) in cash and a car that belongs to one of the detainees. Police said that the money and the property are intended for forfeiture.


המסיבה ליד לטרון (צילום: באדיבות דובר מחוז שי)

The party near Latrun (Photo: Courtesy of Shai District Spokesperson)

כסף וסמים נתפסו במסיבה  (צילום: באדיבות דובר מחוז שי)

Money, drugs confiscated from party (Photo: Courtesy of Shai District Spokesperson)


Major General Ilan Rahamim from Binyamin Police Station said that "the detectives arrived at the party around 10 am due to intelligence; they were brought from home prepared for the event and dressed accordingly. Each of them paid NIS 100 ($27.5) for the entrance, and from that point they dealt less with dancing and more with targeting interesting objects – drug dealers, party organizers and where the money goes to."


Police claim the 'nature parties' are very profitable. Since the parties are held in nature and outdoors, many costs are saved and the organizers only take care of the lighting and amplification. The big profits come from selling drugs and alcohol. "Every other person there was seen with drugs," says Major General Ilan Rahamim, "drug dealers had LSD bottles they were dripping on people's tongues for the cost of NIS 50 ($13). If I had 100 policemen there, there would be 100 arrests."


However, Rahamim said, "the goal is not to hurt the person who wants to have a good time or even smoke some drugs, but to get the drug dealers and the party organizers."



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