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Al-Sisi to Morsi: The people want you out

Egyptian newspaper publishes excerpts of conversation between ousted president Morsi, General al-Sisi, hours before Morsi learns military decided to depose him, tries to close deal to leave country with family

Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan published excerpts of the conversation ousted president Mohamed Morsi had with General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi a few hours before Morsi delivered his final speech in office.


The transcripts were based on the testimony of a reporter that was in an adjacent room, from which he was observing the two on a screen.


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At the beginning of the meeting, Morsi asked al-Sisi whether it was in the army's responsibility to protect the legitimacy of his government. "What legitimacy?" al-Sisi insisted; "The army follows the will of the people and most of the people, according to reports, do not want you."


Morsi persisted: "My supporters are many and will not keep quiet," in response to which al-Sisi said, "The army will not let anyone destroy the country, no matter what."


"And if I don’t want to go?" Morsi inquired.


"It's a done deal," al-Sisi answered. "Try to retire with dignity. Demand of those you say are your supporters to go home and prevent bloodshed, instead of using them to threaten the people."


"But this is a military coup and America will be all over you," Morsi said, to which al-Sisi replied, "We care about the people, not about America."


Al-Sisi added, "I'll be honest with you – we have enough proof against you and many other government officials to convict you of compromising national defense."


Following that remark, Morsi asked to place some calls and consult on the issue, but al-Sisi said he was only allowed to speak with family members, adding "You are under house arrest as of this moment."


The president insisted, "The Muslim Brotherhood will not stay silent if I leave. They will set the country on fire," but the general noted that if the Brotherhood tried doing something "You will see how the military will respond.


"Be careful," al-Sisi asserted. "I'm the one who appointed you and I can depose you. I'm the Defense Minister in accordance with the will of the people and you know that very well. You can't fire me because you are done and have no legitimacy."


Morsi then tried to find out whether his resignation would provide authorization for him and his family to leave the country without trial, but al-Sisi stressed that there was nothing he could do. "The court will decide," he said, to which Morsi added, "Ok, we will be at war and see who wins."


"The people will win," al-Sisi exclaimed.



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