Hezbollah leader Nasrallah
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Nasrallah: Galilee will be in danger before Beirut

Hezbollah's leader responds to int'l criticism, says 'no one will force their plans on Lebanon,' threatens Israel will pay price for aggression

Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah , currently the center of an international debate, slammed the United States and Israel in a speech on Friday evening.


"The US abandoned all her allies in favor of its own interests and Israel's," Nassrallah declared in a live broadcast via the Hezbollah Al-Manar TV channel.


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Despite recent losses suffered by the Shiite organization, Nassrallah insisted: The Galilee will be in danger before Beirut is.


נסראללה עם אסד ואחמדינג'אד ב-2005. ארכיון (צילום: AP)

Nasrallah with Assad, Ahmadinejad in 2005. Archives (Photo: AP)


"We do not want to fight, but when you have an enemy which threatens your people, your presence, your duty is to fight it," he insisted, adding: "No one can threaten Lebanon without paying the price for their aggression."


He also claimed that "it is impossible to get any guarantees from the US against Israeli ambitions, and what's happening in the region is the best proof for that."


This week, Lebanese President Michel Suleiman asked the European Union not to name the militant Hezbollah group a terrorist organization, arguing that the group is a "main component of Lebanese society."


At the same time, US State Secretary John Kerry stated his concern over Hezbollah's involvement in Syria.


"No one can force their plans and conditions on Lebanon," Nasrallah continued. He also referred to recent violent outbreaks in Lebanon, and cautioned the Lebanese: "We're in a new security situation. Those who wish to foment a civil war can hurt us everywhere."


This week several Hezbollah members were hurt by explosive devices in Lebanon. According to reports, in one incident near the Syrian border an explosive device which targeted a Hezbollah convoy killed a top official in the organization.


Lebanese media reported that Hezbollah doubled its presence across Lebanon over recent weeks, especially around routes used by the organization's leaders to travel to Lebanon's capital Beirut.


According to the report, this decision was made due to concerns the group's members will be targeted because of their involvement in the Syrian civil war alongside Bashar Assad's troops.


In his speech, Nasrallah tried to buffet claims that Hezbollah's involvement in Syria led to the recent hostilities against the organization on its home turf, and wondered cynically whether Lebanon enjoyed security stability before.


He also noted that it is the State who is responsible for keeping order. "With cooperation we'll manage to get through these hard times," he said.


"We're in very good condition if we compare it to what goes on around us in the region."



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