Israeli tourists find 'Hitler wine' in Italy

Several families from Israel shocked to discover bottles with pictures of Nazi leaders at liquor store in Dolomites region. Manufacturer reports huge demand for product

A number of Israeli families were in for a bitter surprise recently as they entered a large liquor store in the Dolomites region in northern Italy: Some of the wine bottles sold in the store were covered with pictures of Nazi leaders, including Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Göring.


Hitler's picture was accompanied by Nazi slogans, such as "One leader, one nation, one people."


The tourists, who were shocked to see the portraits of the Jewish people's destroyers, pulled out their smartphones in order to photograph the shelves, but were pushed away by the store workers who refused to let them take pictures after learning that they were from Israel.


The salespeople told the Israeli tourists that the "Nazi" wine bottles were very popular in Italy these days, and therefore cost €3-5 ($4-6.5) more than other bottles containing similar wine.

בחברה טובה. יינות הימלר, היטלר וגווארה באיטליה

In good company. Himmler, Hitler and Guevara wine in Italy


One of the tourists, a resident of the central Israeli city of Netanya, managed to take a picture of the bottles when the workers were not paying attention.


"My 14-year-old son and his friends were completely shocked and still can't stop talking about it," she says. "Unfortunately, it was a very tangible and unpleasant way of showing the youth that anti-Semitism persists in Europe in full force to this very day."


It turns out that "Hitler wines" have been sold in Italy for years, and about 10 years ago German's foreign minister even complained to the Italian government about it, but to no avail. The bottles, according to one of the salespeople, are still flying off the shelves.


The owner of the Italian company which manufactures the "Hitler wine," Andrea Lunardelli, said in an interview to German television in the past that there was huge demand for the product in petrol stations and tourist sites and that he planned to expand its production.



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