Vacation in Israel: Only for the rich? survey ranks Israel sixth in world in average price of hotel room, NIS 798 – more expensive than Switzerland, Norway, US, Italy, France, Holland

Israel is the sixth most expensive country in the world in terms of average hotel room prices, according to the latest Hotel Price Index (HPI). Its capital, Jerusalem, is one of the most expensive tourist cities in the world, with a 9% increase in hotel rates in the first half of 2013.


Oman came in first in the survey (£186 for a night in a hotel), followed by Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Brazil (which share the fifth place with an average hotel room price of £147), and Israel.


The average price of a hotel room in Israel is £142 (about NIS 798) – higher than in Switzerland, Norway, Australia, Sweden, the United States, Italy, France, Holland and other countries.


The average price of a hotel room in Spain, for example, stands at £87, in England £86 and in Ireland only £76, almost half of the average price of a hotel room in Israel.


Jerusalem hotels pricier than Tokyo

The survey reveals that the average price of a hotel room in Jerusalem stands at £128 (NIS 720), and is more expensive than a hotel room in Hong Kong, Chicago, Nice, Sao Paolo, St. Petersburg, Munich, Abu Dhabi, Rome, Florence, Toronto, Barcelona, Tokyo, Cape Town, Brussels, Vienna, Dublin, Amsterdam, Prague, Madrid, Berlin and more.


The half-yearly HPI is considered one of the most important indices in the world of tourism, as well as one of the most accurate ones. It surveys tens of thousands of hotels around the world, reviews room prices and ranks countries according to average room price and by star rating.

Five-star hotel in Jerusalem (Photo: Yoram Aschheim)


The index, priced in British pounds, ranks Monte Carlo and the city with the highest average hotel room price in the world - £189, followed by Muscat, Rio de Janeiro, Key West, New York, Moscow, Cannes, Geneva, Miami, Boston, Cancun, Dubai, Singapore, San Francisco, Perth, Zurich, Sydney, Dubrovnik and Los Angeles.


Jerusalem ranked 19th alongside Venice and Paris, where the average price of a hotel room stands at £128.


Another chart ranked average room prices by star rating. In the five-star range, Jerusalem is in the 20th place together with Munich and Bali. The average price of a room in a five-star hotel in Jerusalem stands at £186 (NIS 1,043).


The price of a room in a five-star hotel is most expensive in Geneva, with an average of £375 (NIS 2,103), followed by New York with £335 (NIS 1,879) and Paris in the third place with £299 (NIS 1,678).



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