Couple gets anti-Semitic wedding video

British cameraman captures his own racist remarks about Jewish couple on film, sends them unedited version. 'I don’t think I blame Hitler,' he is heard saying as he films bride and groom dancing

VIDEO - In what has got to be one of the stupidest incidents of anti-Semitism we’ve come across, an English videographer is attempting to backtrack after he sent an unedited video full of racist comments to his Jewish clients.


Anthony Aurelius was hired by Stan and Claudia Gocman to shoot a video of their wedding and, when they received an unedited version of the tape, they were shocked to discover his opinions of both themselves and their Jewish heritage.



The video starts off with Aurelius declaring that Claudia is "not a very attractive bride at all" before making condescending remarks about Jewish customs based on the usual stereotypes and sweeping ignorance of history.


Another highlight is his declaration that "they’ve never been respected, these people, they’ve never respected themselves."


According to the Daily Mail, as he filmed the bride and groom dancing at the reception Aurelius could be heard saying, "Mental, Israeli dancing, isn’t it? There’s a real feeling of like, they’re better than everybody else. Jewish." His assistant replies, "That’s why Holocaust," and Aurelius responds, "I don’t think I blame Hitler."

'Mental, Israeli dancing' (Photo: The Jewish Chronicle)


He also told his unnamed assistant, according to the Daily Mail, "Some of the Jewish women are very beautiful to look at. But I can tell you, they’d be right f****** cows. Very f****** snooty, they’d be a pain in the a***."


Luckily, the video reveals Aurelius’ ignorance and inarticulateness more than anything else.


At one point, the cameraman responds to his assistant’s claim that Jews "are the meanest people in the world" by saying, "Well, you know. That’s what they say. Jewish, Jewish, you know, Jewish people are Jewish, you know what I mean?"


No, Anthony, we don’t, but it doesn’t seem you do, either.


Aurelia has offered apologies and refunded the couple their money, but the consequences have already been felt, by both the Gocmans and Aurelias. Claudia has said that the video has "ruined their memories of the day."


But Aurelias seems to be facing consequences besides the deserved backlash. As the Daily Mail reports, his website says "his business 'ceased trading' in August," another failure he can add to his defunct fitness DVD career.


Reprinted with permission from Shalom Life



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