18 years to Rabin's murder: 'Incitement spreads like mushrooms'

Opposition Chairwoman Yachimovich says on murder's anniversary: 'Same anti-democratic incitement, same extreme bills keep sprouting like poisonous mushrooms.' Rabin's daughter: 'Government lacks my father's courage'

Eighteen years ago today Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was murdered. With the late PM's portrait behind her in the Labor faction's room in the Knesset, Opposition Chairwoman Shelly Yachimovich said on Monday that "one of the lessons is that the public mustn't be indifferent, the street mustn't be forsaken to marginal elements… The public has understood this to a great degree, but this is not enough, and the same incitement against democracy and the same extreme and harsh bills keep sprouting like poisonous mushrooms."


Rabin's daughter Dalia discussed her father's legacy in an interview for the i24news channel, and criticized the present administration. "Maybe time will tell that there's no alternative, and we must pursue the same path my father tried to go down 20 years ago, maybe ahead of his time," she said.


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Yitzhak Rabin served two terms as Israel's prime minister, the first between 1974 and 1977, the second between 1992 and until his assassination by Yigal Amir, a right-wing fanatic, against the background of the Oslo Accords and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.


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Dalia Rabin interviewed by i24news


Rabin also described her father's viewpoint of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: "When he decided that we must give a chance for peace with the Palestinians, with those considered the worst terrorists, he came with a feeling that we are strong enough, that we're secure enough, to try and give it another chance. We're not endangering our being. He was aware of all the obstacles and of what was awaiting him."


Rabin added that her father "wasn't a naïve person, and not a naïve leader. He was serious and very profound. He thought it (the peace process) was the best thing for Israel, not for the Palestinians."


Regarding present leaders, Rabin said: "The present administration has been in charge for years and so far they haven't shown this kind of courage, they have a different ideology."


Regarding present leaders, Rabin said: "Governments, for many years and until today, have lacked such courage, they have a different ideology. I don’t see them thinking that it's the most important thing for Israel's security."


On the personal level, Rabin recounted: "Dad was a warm and loving father. If you ask what I miss the most I'd say I miss the safe home, the sense of security. Both dad and mom created a safe place for all of us. I remember we were always received with a smile, no matter what crisis he had to handle. He made sure to spend time with us at least once a week."



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