J'lem: Protesters hurled stones at car of Arab man
After Rabbi Abergel's arrest, haredi riots unleash anger at Arab driver. Jewish resident's car harmed during incident
Hundreds of haredim who were protesting the arrest of Rabbi Yoram Abergel are suspected of having hurled stones in the direction of a car passing by. Reportedly, the men had targeted the car because its driver was Arab.


According to a witness, a group of haredi men "attacked several Arabs, including a young Arab man who was driving a car, as they are swearing at him and laughing."


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As a result of the stone hurling, the car windshields were smashed, prompting the driver to leave the car and flee the scene by foot.


Attack on Arab man in J'lem (Video: Kikar HaShabbat)


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Man's car (Photo: Kikar HaShabbat)
Man's car (Photo: Kikar HaShabbat)

Photo: Kikar HaShabbat
Photo: Kikar HaShabbat

Photo: Kikar HaShabbat
Photo: Kikar HaShabbat

Photo: Kikar HaShabbat
Photo: Kikar HaShabbat

Once the man had left the scene, many of the haredim started clapping and proceeded to vandalize his car.


According to the witness, "they simply destroyed the car. Police forces rushed to the intersection and dispersed the rioters." A video circulating online showed the smashed windshields and police arriving at the scene.


A Jewish resident of Jerusalem said his car sustained damages as well during the incident.


The Jerusalem police noted that "during the protesters' riots… protesters hurled stones in the direction of cars passing by. An Arab driver who arrived at the scene was alarmed and fled on foot. Police forces towed his car and an investigation was launched into the incident."


Rabbi Abergel is suspected of involvement in extortion during the elections in the city of Netivot. The rabbi's supporters have been protesting his arrest in several locations over the past few days.



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First published: 11.17.13, 19:16
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