Greek Newspaper apologizes for false report about Israeli businessman

Greek paper To Vima apologies for mistaken report regarding Jewish-Israeli businessman. 'The fact that Mionis is a Greek Jew, an Israeli made him an ideal target for media, far-right politicians known for anti-Semitic stances,' paper wrote

The Truth about Sabby Mionis - This was the title of a full-page article published a few weeks ago in the popular Greek newspaper "To Vima".


The newspaper has now apologized for publishing information about Mionis, an Israeli-Greek businessman and philanthropist, that "strays a long way from the truth", regarding his alleged involvement in the case of Lagarde List, concerning a potential tax evading scandal.


The publication included misleading claims regarding Mionis' so called "implication in a US case of tax evasion", citing completely wrong amounts from his HSBC bank accounts and many other details that were proven to be incorrect.


In the article, the newspaper published Mionis' profile, mentioning that he "enjoys the respect of the international finance community both for his business successes at an early age and for his moral standing and his exceptionally generous work for charity".


"To Vima" also wrote that "the fact that Mr Mionis is a Greek Jew and an Israeli perhaps made him an ideal target for the media and for far-right politicians known for their anti-Semitic stances".


International newspapers such as Le Monde and Liberation repeated the claims of Kostas Vaxevanis, the Greek journalist who first exposed the Langarde list scandal, that Mionis was attacked by media friendly to Makis Voridis, the antisemitic speaker of the parliament of PM's Samaras party. The newspaper Dimokratia, that also apologized yesterday to Mionis, is run by a close friend of Voridis from his youth and a fellow leading member of a Neo-nazi student group Voridis founded in the 80's.


Mionis has written many articles in the international press, exposing Voridis and health minister Georgiadis, as anti-Semites with Neo-nazi links.




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