Dreamliner to debut on TA-Toronto route
Air Canada selects Israel as first country to which it will operate its new large Boeing 787 plane on international flights seven days a week
Air Canada will be the first airline to introduce the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner plane on regular flights to Israel. The company has announced its plan to operate the plane on its flights from Toronto to Israel starting this July, when it will replace the Boeing 767 plane which has been operating on the route in recent years.


According to Air Canada's director-general in Israel, Ruth Ben-Tzur, "The company has chosen Israel to be the first country to which it will operate the plane on long haul flights as a demonstration of trust in the Israel route."


A ceremony will be held at Ben-Gurion Airport upon the plane's arrival in Israel on July 2 to launch the route's upgrade.


Coming to Holy Land. Air Canada's Boeing 787 Dreamliner plane (Photo: Air Canada)
Coming to Holy Land. Air Canada's Boeing 787 Dreamliner plane (Photo: Air Canada)


The plane will be operated on the route to Israel seven days a week. The flights from Toronto to Tel Aviv will leave at 6:30 pm and land in Ben-Gurion Airport at 12:05 pm the next day. The flights from Israel will leave at 1:55 pm and land in Canada at 6:50 pm.


The plan has three classes, 20 seats in business class, 21 seats in premium economy class and another 201 seats in economy class. The plane features innovative lighting and an air conditioning system which induces a feeling of humidity to ease breathing.


Dreamliner's first-class cabin
Dreamliner's first-class cabin


The plane is fuel efficient and reduces pollution levels, it has quiet engines and is made of light material: The plane was built from composite materials which have significantly reduced its weight and allow it to reach 6,500 to 16,000 kilometers while using 20% less fuel compared to the Boeing 767 plane it is replacing.


The innovative plane is equipped with two Rolls-Royce or General Electric engines and was built with a green vision. The quiet engines allow it to fly from airports which shut down at night for noisy planes.


Dream not that sweet

On the other hand, the Dreamliner has been suffering from a long series of problems in its manufacturing process, which led to a two-year delay in the delivery of the first planes to its customers.


Dreamliner's business class. Large screens, spacious seats (Photo: Danny Sadeh)
Dreamliner's business class. Large screens, spacious seats (Photo: Danny Sadeh)


Malfunctions were discovered even after the company began delivering the plane to its clients, including a defect in the battery system, which led to the full grounding of the entire fleet for months until the plane received approval to take off from the Federal Aviation Administration.


Several weeks ago, Boeing released a statement warning of a risk of ice forming on General Electric engines installed on the plane and advising airlines to avoid high-level thunderstorms to prevent ice crystals from spreading through the engines.


Boeing sales have not been affected by the problems, and in the Dubai Airshow the plane reached its 10,000th order when Etihad Airways announced an order of 30 787-10 Dreamliners.



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