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Egypt charges 2 'Mossad agents', 2 Egyptians with spying for Israel
Statement from public prosecutor names 'Mossad officers' Samuel Ben Zeev and David Wisemen, accusing them of 'spying for Israel.' Report claims two Egyptians had 'sexual contact' with Mossad agents

Egypt's public prosecutor on Tuesday charged two men it said were Israeli intelligence agents and two Egyptians with conspiring in Israel's interests, according to a statement from the prosecutor's office.



"The public prosecutor ordered Ramzy Mohamed, Sahar Ibrahim, Samuel Ben Zeev and David Wisemen - two officers in the Israeli Mossad - to be sent to a Cairo criminal court for spying for the interests of the State of Israel," the statement read.


Egyptian media have reported that among the offences are "sexual contact" with Israeli intelligence officials.


Egyptian paper Al-Youm Al-Sabee has quoted from the Egyptian investigation and reported that one of the Egyptians flew to Italy in the hopes of finding work, and began spying for Israel in a bid to procure large sums of money.


The report claimed he passed information to the Mossad through the Israeli embassy and expressed his desire to pass on intelligence. He then reportedly flew to Austria where Israeli intelligence reportedly housed him in a hotel and set up a meeting with one of the accused Israelis.


During the meeting he reportedly passed on extensive details regarding his army services and received payment in return. The meetings between the two, the paper claimed, continued.


The man then reportedly worked to enlist the second Egyptian – who was a journalist and had many connections to the Egyptian establishment. The two, the report claimed, proceeded to gather information about the movements of the Egyptian army, Egyptian public opinion, support enjoyed by political and religious movements, life under the Muslim Brotherhood regime, among others.


The report further claimed that the two passed the two accused Mossad agents with a report in return for €90,000, material goods and cell phones allegedly given to the first Egyptian during his meetings with the Mossad in a number of countries in Europe, including Italy, Austria, France, Belgium and Greece.


According to the same report, the Egyptian "had sexual contact with women from the Israeli indigence, sent by the Mossad to supervise him."


Once every month or two

Egypt has a long history of arresting individuals accused of spying for Israel, which consistently rejects the claims.


In 2013, the Egyptian media reported that security forces in the country had arrested an Egyptian citizen who was allegedly working for Mossad. According to media reports, he had been recruited in 2011 and have provided Israel with vital information.


The reports came a year after Egypt said it had arrested an Israeli man on suspicion of spying and of trying to recruit Egyptian youths to act against the authorities in the wake of Hosni Mubarak's ouster. Israel said in response that the reports were unreliable.


"Once every month or two a report like this comes out," an official source from the Foreign Ministry told Ynet.


In 2010, an Egyptian security official said that four locals had been arrested on suspicion of spying for Israel and plotting to kidnap tourists, in an effort to harm Egypt's economy. The four were accused of opening offices in Egypt, Britain, Israel, and Gaza to record Egyptian officials' phone conversations and collect information about Japanese and Chinese tourists visiting the Sinai Peninsula. 



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