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High school students buy pot using WhatsApp
Dealers used code words 'eggplants,' 'movies' to let students know drugs were available.

Dozens of high school students in the Jerusalem area used WhatsApp to buy drugs using the code word "eggplants" and "movies."


Jerusalem Police arrested three teenagers aged 17-18 on Monday morning on suspicion they were selling marijuana to other students using that method. The drugs were also sold in one of the suspects' schools. The three were said to refuse to cooperate with police.


So far, police has questioned dozens of students, and granted them conditional release. Some of them admitted to using drugs in recent months at class trips, parties and social events.


The investigation started a month ago following intelligence that the school's students were buying drugs through a WhatsApp group opened by the three teens, who are suspected of dealing and providing drugs. Several dozens students were members of the group.


Police suspects that the group's admin would tell group members that he was going to get "movies" or "eggplants" soon. The students would then arrive at his home or meet with him at social events to purchase the drugs from somewhere between NIS 50-150.


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