Photo: EPA
Iranian technician at Isfahan uranium enrichment facility (Archive)
Photo: EPA
UN: Iran cuts higher-enriched uranium stock
Process of diluting 20% enriched uranium to lower grade has reached the halfway mark, IAEA head says.

VIENNA - The head of the UN nuclear agency said Monday Iran has cut its stock of uranium that is closest to atomic weapons-grade.


Under an interim deal with six world powers, Iran is to dilute half of its 20-percent-enriched uranium to a lower grade suitable for use as reactor fuel. Yukiya Amano told the agency's 35-nation board that that process "has reached the halfway mark."


The other half of the uranium is to be changed into a form that is relatively difficult to reconvert to 20 percent.


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Uranium enriched to 20 percent is only a technical step away from the 90-percent level needed for weapons.


Tehran denies wanting nuclear arms but has agreed to temporarily curb atomic work in exchange for sanctions relief as the sides work on a fuller deal.


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