Photo: Police Spokesman's Office
Site where body was found
Photo: Police Spokesman's Office
Suspicion: Mother murders son after birth
During questioning, suspect discloses her mother was accomplice in the act; according to suspicions, newborn was result of affair.

A 30-year-old Negev resident was arrested on suspicion of murdering her newborn son shortly after his birth and burying his body, according to information cleared for publication on Friday.



The major case unit, Yamar, launched an investigation upon receiving intelligence information that a baby was killed and buried following his birth.


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Based on the information received, the investigators were able to reach the baby's mother and grandmother, asking them to report to the police station, where they were arrested. During her questioning, the mother of the murder suspect gave details regarding the specific location of the body.


Site where body was discovered (Photo: Police Spokesman's Office) (Photo: Police Spokesman's Office)
Site where body was discovered (Photo: Police Spokesman's Office)


During her questioning, the suspect admitted to her involvement in the incident, but later tried to claim that it was not her, but rather her friend who had committed the crime. Her story changed again when she claimed that the baby had been stillborn. According to suspicions, the suspect had an affair and became pregnant.


The baby was apparently born three months premature and, because of the suspect's concern that her husband would find out, she murdered the baby. Police believe that the suspect's mother had assisted her in the act.


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