Re-elected Beit Shemesh mayor: I'll be everyone's mayor
Newly re-elected Beit Shemesh Mayor Moshe Abutbul promised Wednesday that the city will remain a home for both haredim and secular Jews.


"This city is a microcosmos of the state of Israel and has everything - religious, secular, new olim from both the Sovient Union and Eithiopia,
and haredim. We will keep this mix, and bring in more residents from all types. I think that will be the secret of Beit Shemesh's success," he told Ynet after being elected with 51.3% of the votes on Tuesday.


Abutbul vowed to serve all residents of the city - both haredim and secular Jews. "A mayor, from the moment he is elected, he is everyone's mayor and must serve everyone." (Itay Blumental, Amit Cutler)