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Video: Border Police forces beat Palestinians in Hebron
Patrol team documented attacking, shooting stun grenades at two Palestinians in Hebron. Incident occured day after shooting attack in which Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi was murdered.

A video posted by Palestinians on social networks shows Border Police forces accosting two Palestinians on the streets of Hebron. The incident occurred a day after the shooting attack near Hebron on Passover eve, in which Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi was murdered.



The video shows the officers, who were patrolling the city at the time, attacking what appear to be a father and son, and throwing stun grenades at them. The border policemen were also filmed kicking the Palestinian, with one officer beating him with his gun barrel. The same officer was then removed from the scene by one of his friends.


Border Police forces beat Palestinians


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Following the attack on Israeli cars in which Mizrahi was killed, alert level in the Hebron sector was raised and security forces conducted raids and searches in villages north of Hebron. The incident itself occurred a day before 5,000 Jewish visitors arrived at the Cave of the Patriarchs to conduct an annual prayer.


Ahead of the prayer, and due to the fear of escalating tensions, troops carried out preparations in the area in advance, although at the time of the documented incident, no riots were reported in the city.


Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun, Omri Efraim and Roi Kais contributed to this report.


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