Photo: IDF Spokesman
Border Police in Yitzhar
Photo: IDF Spokesman

Yitzhar emails discuss harming IDF soldiers

22-year-old female arrested for community emails supporting attacking and even killing IDF soldiers in 'certain circumstances'.

Discussion of the morality of attacking or possibly even killing IDF soldiers were the topic of recent community group emails between residents in the settlement of Yitzhar reported Yedioth Ahronoth on Wednesday.



A 22-year old female resident was arrested under suspicion of incitement of violence due to her comments in the emails which included, "I support throwing rocks (at Jews, and of course on Arabs without question). In certain circumstances - even if the rocks lead to the death of a soldier!!!"


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Police from the Judea and Samaria county said that various items found in a search of her home were also apparently used to incite violence.


The arrested woman's mother spoke to Ynet and said, "The young generation is tired of walking around crouched and afraid. My daughter told me in conversation that just like Arab women walk around freely in Israel, there's no reason that a Jewish women shouldn't be able to as well."


"We can't enter Arab villages and be busy defending ourselves all the time," she said. "We've come out of exile and we're finally living in our country. The Israeli nation is alive and well. We need to build up our strength and be an example for other nations."


"My daughter isn't stupid. She'll take responsibility for what she wrote even if she's wrong," said the mother.


The group emails serve as a forum for community members to discuss current events concerning the settlement and activity had grown considerably after April 8 after residents from the settlement destroyed a nearby IDF post in response to the destruction of some illegal structures.


Several members of the group emails expressed their anger at the destruction of the buildings and in time the conversation turned to discussing violence toward soldiers.


"There is no Halachtic issue with killing a soldier (who's tearing down our buildings)," wrote another resident aged 17.


Yizhar's spokesman Azri Toby addressed the incident saying, "Such talk has been denounced by us in the past and will be condemned in the future. This was a woman and young man who's emotions took control of their tongues and they've already renounced their comments."

Toby added, "One the other hand we request that the media condemn expressions of violence, incitement, and hatred that lead to physical attacks against the public in settlements."


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