Jordanian journalists fight in a news studio
WATCH: Jordanian journalists tear apart news studio
Journalists meet for debate on 'Between the Two Sides'; disagreements over Syria turn into violence in the studio.

Heated debate is common-place on many televised news stations, but recently two Jordanian journalists crossed the line from debate to violence as they attacked each other and tore apart the news studio.



Shaker al-Johrei, an editor at the news website Almustaqbal, and reporter Muhammad al-Jussi were the guests on the show 'Between the Two Sides' where they met to discuss freedom of the press since the Arab Spring and particularly in Syria where their opinions parted ways.



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After an exchange of accusations between the parties, the show's host attempted to calm down the debaters, but al-Jussi is well known for his support of the Syrian regime and al-Johrei represents the opposition.


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After al-Jussi told his colleague to "shut up," al-Johrei replied, "You want me to shut up?" before standing up and lifting the studio table in the air and pushing toward al-Jussi.


The host made repeated attempts to put the table down before al-Johrei stepped forward and kicked at al-Jussi underneath the table. At that point camera men and producers stepped forward to try and separate the two journalists.


Al-Johrei later said that he hadn't wanted to take part in the debate when he learned who his opponent would be, but the show's host promised that he would speak civilly, so he agreed.


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