Photo: Courtesy of Lockheed Martin
The boat neutralized by lasers
Photo: Courtesy of Lockheed Martin

WATCH: New laser cannon burns holes through boat

Lockheed Martin's 'Adam' system neutralizes targets by firing a high energy laser beam; can track and destroy small rockets.

A successful test was recently carried out of 'Adam', a new military project that fires a high energy laser beam at its target causing destructive damage.



Built by American weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin, the laser canon was fired out to sea in the recent test, aimed at a small boat which was neutralized within seconds.



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The new-age weapon which is in late stages of development displayed both its commanding range and devastating, yet quite power. The boats used as targets were set aflame within 30 seconds from a distance of 1.6 kilometers.


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The laser could be the dawn of a new era for Israel's military as engineers claim that it has the ability to strike at short range rockets like those fired at Israel from Gaza or southern Lebanon. Unmanned aerial vehicles and small boats would also be legitimate targets for the new weapon.


The Adam weapons system can track a target from a distance of five kilometers and the laser is effective out to two kilometers.


"The test of the Adam system showed that the laser beams are ready to start handling significant military needs," said Tori Bruno, President of strategy and defensive missiles at Lockheed Martin. "The breakthrough of revolutionary technologies is a hallmark of innovation."


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