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Ben-Gurion International Airport
Photo: Reuters
Will TLV turn into JLM?
New initiative by Jerusalem mayor calls to change Ben-Gurion International Airport's code from TLV to JLM in order to increase tourism to capital.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat is looking into the possibility of changing the international airport code for Israel's Ben-Gurion International Airport from TLV (Tel Aviv) to JLM (Jerusalem).


The move will promote tourism to Israel economically ailing capital, Barkat said.



Ben-Gurion Airport is located near the city of Lod, some 20 km from Tel Aviv and roughly 50 from Jerusalem.


Barkat raised the claim before the Knesset's Economic Committee, and said "branding the airport with the letters symbolizing Israel's capital of Jerusalem will put Jerusalem in the limelight, and will increase the number of tourists visiting the capital."


Barkat further claimed that it is common for main airports to carry the name of the country's capital. "Every tourist arriving in Israel should see they are landing in JLM. Jerusalem is a 3,000-year-old brand, and Israel needs to take advantage of that."


It is worth noting that in the past there have been different attempts to change the airport's name but none have bore fruit. But Barkat is optimistic, and is working to enlist MKs to his mission.


Members of the Knesset's Economics Committee did not reject the idea flat out, but most seemed skeptical regarding its feasibility because of its potential political ramifications.


In upcoming years, Jerusalem will be linked to the airport with a high-speed rail.


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