El Al flight
El Al flight crew attacked; Flight to Munich makes emergency landing
Boeing 737 lands in Sofia to unload violent passenger who ran through plane yelling, 'terrorists'.

An El Al flight from Tel Aviv to Munich performed an emergency landing in Sofia, Bulgaria Thursday morning after a passenger of German nationality attacked a member of the flight crew.



The 30-year-old passenger used violent language toward other travelers and despite attempts by the flight crew to calm him down, he struck one of the flight attendents in the back.


Emergency landing in Sofia.
Emergency landing in Sofia.


A flight crew member proceeded to push the panic button in the Boeing 737 aircraft and the captain of the flight decided to land at Sofia airport to deal with the violent passenger.


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Adi, one of the passengers on flight 353 to Munich, told Ynet that the traveler who was taken off the plane had run around while on board before breaking into the bathroom and yelling, "terrorists."


El Al filed an official complaint against the passenger upon landing in Sofia and the plane was then allowed to continue on to Munich.


Three months ago another El Al flight performed an emergency landing one hour after taking off from New York when one of the plane's engines unexpectedly failed.


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