Zambian President Michael Sata
Zambian president in Israel on 'working holiday'
Mystery surrounds President Sata's visit to the Jewish state, as Zambian government statement he was invited by Israeli President Shimon Peres, but Peres' office said it was unaware of Sata's visit.

Zambia's president is visiting Israel for what officials of both countries call a "working holiday," but some of his compatriots in the southern African country say the purpose of his trip is unclear.



President Michael Sata has previously been the subject of speculation in Zambia. He said in early June that allegations that he was sick were false. In May, the Zambian government criticized what it called "outlandish and unsubstantiated statements" by opposition leaders who had alleged that 76-year-old Sata was tired and stressed.


Zambian President Michael Sata
Zambian President Michael Sata


Israel's foreign ministry said Wednesday that Zambian President Michael Sata was in the Jewish state, but spokesman Paul Hirschson had no details on how long Sata would remain or the exact purpose of the trip.


On Sunday, the Zambian government said the president had arrived in Israel at the invitation of Israeli President Shimon Peres and would meet senior Israeli government officials and business executives.

Peres' office, however, said it was unaware of the Zambian president's visit. Peres is in Washington on Wednesday for meetings with US officials.


Opposition lawmakers in Zambia said Sata's trip to Israel was shrouded in mystery and the government should provide further explanation, according to Zambian media.


Sata was elected in 2011 in his fourth attempt at the presidency, ousting a party that had held power for 20 years.


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