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Leiberman: Peace with Arab world needed, not with Palestinians
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FM Lieberman meets with Kerry, tells him regional peace deal needed
After thanking US for supporting kidnapped teens' search, Lieberman says peace with Palestinians no possible under current conditions.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman met Wednesday with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Paris, and spoke about regional developments and Israel's relations with the Palestinians in wake of the formation of a Palestinian unity government.



Lieberman told his counterpart that "in the current conditions, it is impossible to reach an independent agreement between Israel and the Palestinians," instead, the foreign minister said an overall regional agreement is needed.



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Photo: AFP

This is not the first time he has made such claims, only a few weeks ago at the IDC Herzliya Confrence he said that "a diplomatic solution is important mostly in relation to the EU, but not to the Palestinians or Arab nations, because the Palestinians is the last thing they care about. "


Lieberman further said at the time that "when you talk about a final agreement, as I see it, it needs to be a regional agreement which will include the moderate Arab world. It is much more important to reach an agreement with those nations, and then we won't need the Quartet."


Lieberman also thanked Kerry for the US' support for the kidnapped boys and also gave the secretary a letter from the parents of Eyal Yifrach, Gil-Ad Shaer and Naftali Frenkel, in which they asked to meet with him.


Lieberman is also scheduled to meet with his French counterpart Laurent Fabius.


Other topics on the agenda for both meetings include the Palestinian unity government and other regional issues, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued on Wednesday.


In the past few days, the foreign minister held conversations with many of his counterparts worldwide - including foreign ministers from Italy, Australia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Cyprus - about the abduction of Eyal Yifrach, Gil-Ad Shaer and Naftali Frenkel on June 12, urging them to condemn the kidnapping and the terror organizations that hail and support it.


Lieberman noted that their stand is important in the world's war against terrorism, because "radical Islamic terror does not distinguish between Western states. Its goal of kidnapping the teenagers in Gush Etzion is identical to its objective in terror attacks carried out in New York, London, Madrid, Brussels, and elsewhere."


Israel has accused the Islamist movement Hamas of being responsible for the kidnapping.


Hamas leader Khaled Mashal has claimed that the movement's political leadership had "no information" on the abduction, but said it "supports any act of resistance against the Israeli occupation, which must pay for his tyranny."


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