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The arms manufacturing factory in Sudan
Photo: Reuters
Sudanese media: Man suspected of spying for Israel commits suicide in jail
Alleged spy was accused of providing information to that aided Israel in its alleged attacks against Sudan.
A man accused in Sudan of spying for the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad committed suicide by strangling himself in his prison cell, Sudanese media reported this week.



According the prisoner's relatives, the medical report confirmed he took his own life, but several media outlets in the country suggested that the man may have been eliminated by the government.


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A relative of the accused man said that it was his precarious mental state that led him to take his own life and added that police and authorities will investigate the circumstances surrounding his death.


Last March, the Sudanese newspaper Al-Intibaha reported that the man was captured by security forces who claimed that his capture uncovered an Israeli espionage network operating in the Red Sea. 


According to Sudanese authorities, the man was the main defendant accused of providing information that aided Israel in its attacks against Sudan in recent years. 


In October 2012 it was claimed that Israel attacked an arms manufacturing factory in Khartoum and several years earlier media reports said Israel also attacked convoys that were smuggling weapon from Iran to the Gaza Strip.


In addition, Egyptian Newspaper Al Shorouk reported Friday that the Egyptian prosecution has concluded the interrogation of a Sinai Peninsula resident suspected of spying for Israel, before submitting the case to the attorney general to decide whether to prosecute the man.


According to the report, the suspect traveled to Israel four times and showed an officer from Israeli intelligence a map depicting the presence of Israeli citizens in Sinai and the level of security provided for them. The suspect is also accused of providing information on terror groups in the peninsula.


Egypt also believes the Israeli intelligence has asked the suspect to gather information about Hamas intentions to smuggle eight Katyusha rockets from Sudan to Egypt.


The suspect was also supposed to update Israel on organized terror cells of the Mujahideen Shura Council and on Egyptian army movements in its campaign to rid the Sinai Peninsula of terrorists.


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