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Minister urges need to reach agreement that will include moderate Arab states and Israeli Arabs
Photo: AFP
Lieberman peace initative gaining traction
Foreign minister's office says peace proposal receiving positive responses from US, EU; plan decided upon given current conditions prevailing in the Middle East

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman political initiative for a “a new diplomatic-political structure in the Middle East”, is gaining momentum in the world, with the Foreign Ministry saying that his plan is receiving positive responses from both the United States and the European Union.



Over the weekend, Lieberman flew to Paris, where he presented his plan to US Secretary of State John Kerry and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. On Sunday he will discuss the initiative with Germany’s Foreign Minister in Berlin, and will then fly to Prague, where he will present his plan to the Czech political elite.


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Lieberman’s plan is similar to the Arab Peace Initiative that attempted to end the Arab-Israeli conflict by normalizing relations between Israel and the entire Arab region.


As part of his proposal, the foreign minister extols the necessity of reaching an overall regional agreement that will include the moderate Arab states and the Israeli Arabs, given that “Israel’s long-standing conflict is not only with the Palestinians but with the Arab world of which the Palestinians are a part,” a press release issued by his office stated.


The plan was decided upon in light of the collapsed peace talks with the Palestinians, the disintegration of the state of Iraq, and the rise of radical Islamic groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda.


However, the minister has not yet presented a detailed program and has neither informed on where he would be willing to compromise nor what he is prepared to give up.


‭FM Lieberman stated that there is a basis today for the creation of a new political structure in the Middle East, emphasizing that, beyond the Palestinian issue, any arrangement must also include the Arab states and Israeli Arabs, the press release cited him as saying.


The Foreign Minister further said that a “strategic consensus of interests has been created between the moderate elements in the Arab world and Israel, as both must contend with the Iranian threats, worldwide jihad.”


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