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Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook
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Hamas official to Abbas: Don't make us take over Gaza

Mousa Marzook addresses PA leader in Facebook post: 'You've abandoned the West Bank'; 'Even if we gave him Gaza, he wouldn't take it.'

Deputy Head of Hamas' Political Bureau Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook sent a threatening message to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Sunday about the fragility of the Palestinian reconciliation agreement.



Marzook addressed the difficult financial situation in Gaza and warned Abbas of a situation in which Hamas would have to reclaim control of Gaza, "in order to provide security to the people of our nation."


The letter for Palestinian leader Abbas appeared on Marzook's Facebook page where he stressed that Hamas is not currently responsible for Gaza. Sources from the Palestinian Authority (PA) expressed outrage at the comments, calling them "dangerous".


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Marzook's statements come as Hamas faces immense financial pressures due to tens of thousands of former government officials who have not been paid for several months. The government of Qatar volunteered to create a fund for the official's paychecks, but at the moment the money remains caught in the wheels of the bureaucracy.


Marzook hotly blamed the PA and the unity government for only governing in the West Bank as if they had no need for the Gaza Strip. "The PA has imposed a blockade on Gaza long before others (Israel) besieged the city."


According to him, Hamas agreed to sign a reconciliation agreement but, "Abu Mazen (Abbas) isn't interested in reconciliation and even if we gave him Gaza, he wouldn't take it."


He stressed that after the unity agreement Abbas traveled to every place in Palestinian control besides the Gaza Strip and never took real responsibility for it. "Who's responsible for the officials in Gaza at the moment?" asked Marzook.


"Who's responsible for opening the Rafah crossing? Who's responsible for concluding the siege against it (Gaza), and who's responsible for its electricity?"


Marzook concluded his message with a venomous attack on the PA. "You gave respect to your enemy when three settlers were kidnapped. Haven't you noticed that more than 566 Palestinians have been taken from you and five have been killed since then? You've abandoned the West Bank."


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