Senior IDF source: Rocket fire insufferable, military can seize Gaza
After Hamas warns 'Zionists will not enjoy security from now', military source says IDF waiting for political establishment to define target of op.
"The rocket fire is insufferable, but given the current situation, nothing will be resolved," said a senior IDF source on Wednesday night. The senior official stressed the political establishment has not properly defined the targets of the operation.



"If they decide to seize Gaza – we will seize it. But, as of now, there has been no such decision. If the IDF is required, it can control the entire Strip," he said.


The senior military source also addressed the possibility of a limited ground operation to deal with the terror tunnels in Gaza, saying it was "not a major operational challenge" and that there was "no hesitation by the IDF to deploy ground forces" if there was a decision to undertake a ground operation on Gaza.


The senior IDF source's comments came after Hamas announced its determination to continue the fighting. Sami Abu Zuhri, the Gaza terror group's spokesperson, noted that the threats by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu do not scare Hamas.


"Israel will pay a price for its crimes," he said. "The UN must define what Israeli is doing as a war crime. We have rejected the Egyptian initiative because it calls for an end to the fighting without Israel carrying out any of the Palestinian demands."


The Hamas spokesperson in Gaza noted that "the resistance to Israel will continue until Israel is forced to accede to the terms of the Palestinian side." He also said that "the Zionists will not enjoy security from now" and accused Netanyahu of "committing bogus acts of bravery by killing children and women."


Despite the airstrikes and the heavy damage in the Gaza Strip, the Hamas spokesperson said that "the high morale of our people is the back rest of the resistance." He stressed that Hamas will continue its resistance: "We will not stop and we promise the occupier will pay the price for these crimes."


The Hamas official also addressed the death of four Palestinian children in an IDF attack on a Gaza beach earlier in the day. "I demand Ban Ki-moon to express his position consider the killing of children." He said the kids were killed while playing soccer on the beach.


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