US: Iran to get $2.8b. during extended talks, most sanctions stay

VIENNA - Iran will be allowed to access an additional $2.8 billion of its frozen assets during a 4-month period of extended talks with six powers on its nuclear program but most sanctions against Tehran will remain in place, the United States said on Saturday.


"We will continue to suspend the sanctions we agreed to under the (preliminary agreement from November 2013) and will allow Iran access
to $2.8 billion dollars of its restricted assets," US Secretary of State John Kerry said after Iran and six powers agreed to extend nuclear talks by four months after they failed to reach a July 20 deadline for a deal.


"Let me be clear," Kerry said in a statement. "Iran will not get any more money during these four months than it did during the last six months, and the vast majority of its frozen oil revenues will remain inaccessible. ... We will continue to vigorously enforce the sanctions that remain in place."