Report: Israeli delegation in Cairo for truce talks
Egyptian sources claim Israeli representatives flew to Cairo to discuss progress of Egyptian initiative with government officials.
Egyptian sources reported that an Israeli delegation has arrived in Cairo for talks with representatives of the Egyptian government regarding the possibility of a ceasefire. According to the sources, the delegation included two Israelis that arrived for several hours.



Meanwhile, the newspaper Al-Youm al-Saba'a reported Wednesday evening that an Israeli delegate arrived for a quick visit to Cairo to discuss "easing the situation in the Gaza Strip."


According to the report, the delegate arrived on a private plane accompanied by two senior Israelis to discuss the Egyptian initiative. The individual is expected to meet with several senior Egyptian officials to formulate an agreement for a lull between the two sides.


Over the course of the week a Palestinian delegation is also expected to arrive in Cairo. Yet the deputy leader of Islamic Jihad Ziad Nakhleh said Wednesday evening that the makeup of the delegation has not been determined.


"We cannot agree to a ceasefire until after the implementation of our demands, first and foremost the lifting of the blockade," said Nakhleh. "We want the Egyptian initiative, but it must be different than it was in the first days of the operation."


Roi Kais contributed to this report.


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