Bolivia: Israel is a terror state
President Evo Morales rescinds agreement allowing Israelis to visit without visa in protest of IDF actions during Operation Protective Edge.
Bolivia announced Wednesday that it renounced an agreement which exempts Israelis from visiting the country without a visa, in protest of the IDF's actions in Operation Protective Edge.



Since 1972, Israelis have been able to cross into Bolivia without an entry permit. President Evo Morales announced the decision to rescind the agreement during a conversation with education professionals in Cochabamba. "In other words, we are declaring that Israel is a terror state."


Morales said the Israeli aggression in Gaza "showed Israel is not guaranteeing fundamental human rights, which guide the peaceful and harmonious existence of our international community."

In mid-July Morales asked a UN human rights group to sue Israel for "crimes against humanity."


Bolivia cut off diplomatic relations with Israel in 2009 during Operation Cast Lead. Morales announced the step in a speech to diplomats at the presidential palace in La Paz. "It is my wish to declare – due to the severe attack on people and humanity – that Bolivia is breaking its diplomatic relations with Israel."


The Bolivian president claimed at the time that the Israeli operation "seriously threatens world peace" and demanded that president Ehud Olmert be criminally charged for the deaths of hundreds of Palestinians.


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