Rabbi Wallis, 29, killed by terrorist in Jerusalem

29-year-old resident of Mea Shearim killed in excavator attack was protecting graves at the time of his death.

Rabbi Avrohom Wallis, a 29-year-old resident of Mea Shearim in Jerusalem, was killed in a terrorist attack earlier Monday while working at a construction site for Atra Kadisha, an organization which assures graves are not disturbed during building.



The suspected terrorist, Mohammad Ja'abis, was shot to death by security personnel.


Abraham Wallis (Photo: Courtesy of Atra Kadisha) (Photo: Courtesy)
Abraham Wallis (Photo: Courtesy of Atra Kadisha)


Yossi, who lives near the construction site where Wallis was killed, said "throughout the day there was a supervisor from Atra Kadisha which oversaw the Arab worker to make sure he did not dig near grave sites. One of the neighbors saw the incident and at one point the digger's driver hit him. I myself saw the incident outside. I heard the gun fire and I saw the police officers running into the construction site."


The terrorist first hit a pedestrian and kept driving until he overturned the bus. One of the security forces who killed the driver was Ariel Twito, a combat soldier. During the incident he was injured when he fell off the digger and was evacuated to Hadassah Medical Center.


On Israel's Channel 10 he said, "I came out of the District Courthouse and arrived at the religious neighborhoods of Jerusalem. I heard people screaming, 'terror attack, terror attack.' My friend, Elad Bitton, and I quickly ran towards the source of the screams and at the intersection I saw an excavator hitting the bus."


He added: "I ran in that direction, pulled out my gun, fired two rounds towards the digger and hit the glass. He began driving towards me; he saw me shooting at him and came at me."


"I approached him from the side, shot two more rounds, got on the excavator to reach him, but he gave a half turn and I was thrown off the digger. I was worried he would crush me. Afterwards two officers arrived and they fired at him."


Noam 'Dabul' Dvir contributed to this report.


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