Egypt tells Hamas: Airport, seaport off the table
Gaza-based group told by Egypt that construction of transportation infrastructure was unlikely; Israel to arrive in Cairo for talks.
Egypt stressed to Hamas that several of the demands raised by the Gaza-based organization were unrealistic.



During the talks in Cairo, Egypt told Hamas that the establishment of an airport, construction of a seaport, and the opening of the Rafah Crossing between the Strip and Egypt would not even be discussed.


An Israeli delegation to the talks is expected to arrive Tuesday in Cairo, but Hamas is unlikely to fold on part of its demands – the terror organization may agree to a temporary truce in hostilities, but Hamas will not concede its military capabilities.


Jerusalem may agree to some of Hamas' other demands, like increasing the nautical range Gazan fishermen may sail from shore. The Kerem Shalom Crossing, which was partially closed during the operation, is expected to reopen fully soon.


Israel wants supervision of materials and cement that enter the Strip, to assure they are not used for building terror tunnels – but it is unclear whether Hamas will agree. Officials in Jerusalem called for a demilitarization of the Strip in recent weeks, though that remains an unlikely scenario.


Hamas released a statement on Tuesday after the ceasefire: "This campaign continues. We are still buckled down and our hands are on the trigger. This campaign will not be over until the enemy submits to all the rights of our people and its justified demands."


The statement said Hamas "was treating the current stage as a temporary phase. The conduct of the enemy will determine the path of the campaign. Our actions in the coming days depend on the implementation of our aspirations. They cannot be ignored."


Elior Levy and Attila Somfalvi contributed to this report.


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