IDF Operation Protective Edge, in numbers

3,356 Gaza rockets fired on Israel, 4,762 targets hit by IDF, 82,201 reservists called up during 29 days of IDF operation in Gaza.

The longest IDF operation in Gaza since Israel withdrew from the coastal territory was also its costliest and deadliest – both for Israeli soldiers and the Palestinians. There was a record number of rockets fired on Israel from Gaza, as well as air raid sirens and Iron Dome interceptions.



Over the course of 29 days, Gaza militants fired 3,356 rockets on Israel.


Gaza rocket fire on Israel, in numbers:


  • 2,532 rockets fell in open spaces
  • 578 rockets were intercepted by Iron Dome
  • 119 rockets failed to launch and fell inside Gaza
  • 116 rockets fell in industrial/residential areas


Iron Dome intercepting a rocket over the lights of central Israel. (Photo: Anders Koenig) (Photo: Anders Koenig)
Iron Dome intercepting a rocket over the lights of central Israel. (Photo: Anders Koenig)


The IDF's prime objective during the operation was the demolition of terror tunnels into Israel – 32 were destroyed in Operation Protective Edge.


IDF Spokesperson's Unit reported striking 4,762 targets:


  • 1,678 strikes on rocket launching infrastructure
  • 977 strikes on command and control centers
  • 939 strikes in support of IDF maneuvers
  • 548 strikes on infrastructure that posed a threat to IDF forces
  • 237 strikes on political infrastructure used to support militant operations
  • 191 strikes on arms factories and caches
  • 144 strikes on valuable assets
  • 96 strikes on positions to maintain naval and air superiority


Just after an IDF attack in Gaza City. (Photo: MCT) (Photo: MCT)
Just after an IDF attack in Gaza City. (Photo: MCT)


The 29-day operation claimed the lives of 64 IDF soldiers and three Israeli citizens. According to the IDF, 1,768 Palestinians were killed and some 9,300 were injured in the Gaza Strip. The IDF estimates that 750 to 1,000 of the dead were terrorists.


IDF casualty count for Gaza:


  • 253 Hamas members
  • 147 Islamic Jihad members
  • 65 militants from other groups
  • 603 militants whose affiliation was unknown


According to the Palestinians:


  • 501 were killed in Khan Yunis
  • 421 were killed in Gaza City
  • 290 were killed in Beit Lahia
  • 264 were killed in Rafah
  • 241 were killed in in Deir al-Balah


During the course of the operation, 82,201 IDF reservists were called up for duty.


According to UNRWA figures, 485,000 Palestinians were internally displaced as a result of Israeli shelling and IDF evacuation warnings.


Some 10,690 homes were destroyed, 141 schools were damaged, and five hospitals were closed.


During Operation Protective Edge, Israel continued to provide and transfer humanitarian assistance to Gaza:


  • 1,491 trucks carrying food
  • 220 trucks carrying humanitarian supplies
  • 106 trucks carrying medical equipment


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