Erbil resident Shahalo Nanakali
Kurdish capitol continues as normal despite growing IS threat
Ynet exclusive: Erbil resident says work, nightlife continues but border region faces threat from well-armed enemy trying to kill civilians.

Concern over the fast advance of terrorist forces from the Islamic State is growing in Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region in

the wake of the group's lightening military advance in the region.



However, Kurdish resident Shahalo Nanakali told Ynet that life in the Kurdish capitol of Erbil is still continuing as normal. According to Nanakali, the threat from IS while very serious in nature, remains at the border areas of the Kurdish region

where fighters with the Peshmerga are working alongside Iraqi aid and US airstrikes to push the militants back.


Ynet's exclusive Skype interview with Kurdish resident Shahalo Nanakali   (צילום: אורי דוידוביץ' ואסי כהן)


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Initial reports from the Associated Press Monday suggested that the US had begun directly arming the Kurdish military forces known as the Peshmerga. The Kurds have repeatedly asked for American weapons, but the US has turned down the group preferring instead to arm the national Iraqi government.


The Islamic State, formerly known as the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq, has made astounding military gains over the last two months, threatening the survival of the Iraqi government and regional ethnic groups of conflicting ideological and religious backgrounds.  


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