First Lieutenant Shahar Daysi
Officer hurt by Syria war overspill saved lives in Gaza
While IDF Medical Officer Shahar Daysi fought to save wounded soldiers in Gaza, it was in the Golan Heights where he was wounded on Monday, after being hit by errant fire from Syria fighting.

Just one week after First Lieutenant Shahar Daysi, an IDF medical officer in Golani's Reconnaissance Battalion left the Gaza Strip after a difficult round of heavy fighting, he was wounded in the Golan Heights as a result of stray fire from internal fighting in Syria, after his battalion returned to the area.



During Operation Protective Edge, Golani's Recon. Battalion operated in Saja'iyya, one of the most battle-devastated areas of the Gaza Strip, after being dispatched from the border in the Golan Heights sector.



IDF medical officer First Lieutenant Shahar Daysi
IDF medical officer First Lieutenant Shahar Daysi


Throughout the period of fighting in the Gaza Strip, First Lt. Daysi played a significant role in the evacuation of wounded IDF troops, saving the lives of many. On July 20, the Recon. Battalion left a house where they were staying, in an attempt to inspect the premises and plan further activities. The troops were spotted by Hamas gunmen, who opened fire on them with anti-tank missiles.


The attack killed Deputy Battalion commander Tzafrir Bar-Or and Operations Branch Officer Captain Tzvika Kaplan. The commander of the Golani Brigade's Recon. Battalion, Roee Levy, and his signal operator were seriously wounded.


Another soldier, Staff Sgt. Moshe Malko, who was stationed in the area as part of security forces, was killed by a mortar shell. First Lt. Daysi, who was at the time assigned to operate with a different unit in the battalion, had been supervising the activity from afar and had guided the Rescue and Evacuation Unit on how to operate.


In a different incident, Oz Ronen, a battalion fighter, was hit by sniper fire in his hand and chest. Daysi acted quickly, performing field surgery on the wounded soldier, and managing to save his life.


"Thanks to Shahar's treatment, Oz's life was saved. I was very sorry to hear that he was wounded yesterday, and I hope he recovers soon," said a relative of Ronen, who has meanwhile been transferred to Tel-Hashomer's Rehabilitation Center.


Daysi, who is married with two children, lives in Ma'ale Adumim and has been serving in the past two years as the Golani's Reconnaissance Battalion's medical officer.


On Wednesday, Syrian rebels, some of them affiliated with the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, began attacking the Quneitra crossing on the Syrian side of the border. After hours of fighting, the fighting spilled into Israeli territory, with errant gunfire wounding Daisi.


Daysi evacuated to hospital after being wounded by bullet to chest and hand (Photo: Efi Shrir) (Photo: Efi Sharir)
Daysi evacuated to hospital after being wounded by bullet to chest and hand (Photo: Efi Shrir)


Medical troops gave First Lt. Daisi initial treatment in the field, after which he was evacuated to Haifa's Rambam Medical Center, conscious and in moderate condition. After examinations revealed a bullet in his chest, the medical staff decided to operate on him immediately.


Daisi's family waited for hours outside the surgery room, including his wife Sara and mother Yardena, who prayed for his safety.


"By definition, I know his job is extremely dangerous, and as a mother I am very worried for him," his mother said yesterday. "My son and his friends returned from Gaza just a week ago, and then went up north. During the war, he lost two close friends, including the Deputy Commander and the Operations Branch Officer.


"Even when I knew that they left Gaza and went to the north, I still wasn't calm. I kept on worrying about him. There is no rest and no peace. I was afraid that this would happen," she added. 


On Wednesday night, the hospital in which Daisi is treated reported that the surgery was successful. The bullet was removed from his body, and he is not suffering significant internal injuries.


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