UN: Iraq violence killed at least 1,420 in August

BAGHDAD - At least 1,420 people were killed in Iraq in August, the United Nations said on Monday, as sectarian violence raged in the centre and north of the country.


Another 1,370 Iraqis were wounded and 600,000 people forced to flee, the UN added, as Islamic State militants, who have grabbed large
areas of territory since June, pushed into land controlled by Kurdish troops and targeted religious minorities.


"Thousands continue to be targeted and killed by ISIS (Islamic State) and associated armed groups simply on account of their ethnic or religious background ... The true cost of this human tragedy is staggering," said the UN representative in Iraq, Nickolay Mladenov."


The UN said the casualty figures could be far higher, but it could not get indepent verification of reports of hundreds of incidents in areas under Islamic State's control.