Two arrested after bomb scare in central Israel
Fears of possible terror attack quelled after police arrest two men in central Israel, earlier police shut down major roads, set up road blocks after learning of possible terror attack.

Two men from the Arab community of Tayibe were arrested Tuesday after massive police forces searched the area surrounding Kfar Yonna in central Israel, in wake of a possible terror attack. The police say there is no longer any threat.



The police received information regarding a possible attack and began to set up road blocks, searching every car passing east on Route 57 (adjacent to the Tnuva Junction. Road blocks were also set up south of the area, near the Glilot Junction, indicating fears any possible attacker could be trying to reach Tel Aviv.


Possible terror attack - searches underway (Photo: Ra'anan Ben-Zur)
Possible terror attack - searches underway (Photo: Ra'anan Ben-Zur)


However, the police later announced that two men were apprehended and that all precautionary measures were being rescinded and there was no longer any fear of a terror attack.


"We are afraid because of all of this commotion, it's unbelievable," one resident said.

(Photo: Ra'anan Ben-Zur)
(Photo: Ra'anan Ben-Zur)


Others added that massive police presence was being felt in the area, while others noted seeing Border Guard forces searching cars in the area.


"At first I thought it was nothing and that they were attempting to catch a thief, but then I saw the number of forces in the area. It reminds me of the times when there were suicide attack," the resident said.


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