Herzog: ISIS is a threat to Israel
Opposition chairman warns radical group's 'growing power, proximity to Israel' represent a strategic threat, calls for international coalition to stop the al-Qaeda-inspired organization.
Opposition Chairman Isaac Herzog warned of the dangers posed by the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) on Wednesday, after the radical Islamist group executed Israeli-American journalist Steven Sotloff.



"ISIS' growing power and its proximity to Israel could pose a strategic threat to Israel," MK Herzog said.


According to the opposition leader, who was speaking at a security conference, Israel "needs to use all means at its disposal to create an international coalition which will destroy the organization both in economic and military terms."


Labor Chairman Isaac Herzog (Photo: Gil Yohanan)
Labor Chairman Isaac Herzog (Photo: Gil Yohanan)


Nonetheless, Herzog said that Israel's ability to do so was limited because of the way Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government was running the country.


"Israel is behaving as if de facto it has no foreign minister and is internationally isolated, which hinders our ability to promote our international interests," Herzog said.


"The government's foreign policy is an ongoing fiasco, poor relations with the US and our ties with the EU are reaching new lows," he continued.


"Instead of taking of advantage of a coalition of mutual interests in the West to take out ISIS, Israel's government has chosen to make every mistake possible and isolate itself internationally."


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