Bar Hullie
Israeli killed in rock slide while hiking in India
26-year-old Bar Hullie went on a month's trip to the Ladakh region; Bar was 'warm and loving, exceptional, funny, sharp and ambitious,' says older sister.

Bar Hullie's trip to India ended with disaster on Thursday afternoon when a rock slide in the Ladakh region took her life.



The 26-year-old Defense Ministry employee from Yavne was hiking with friends near the city of Leh, a popular tourist attraction for many Israelis in India.


Many of Bar's friends arrived at her family home upon hearing the news of the disaster. Bar's father Danny lamented that "this is a great loss, bad luck. It could've happened anywhere."


"We're only three sisters and she's the youngest," Bar's sister Ella said. "She went on a month's trip. We were texting with her just three days ago and she told us she was going on a short trip, that she was having fun, and that she misses us."



"She was warm and loving, exceptional, funny, sharp and ambitious," Ella said, while mother Orly said her daughter was "the center of the house. She made us laugh."


Inbal, Bar's friend, went on to say that "she charmed us all in an instant. She knew how to touch people. Her every word was full of humor." The two friends have been working together for three years and Inbar said Bar was "admired, she lit up the room, she was full of charisma. This is a loss for us."



In the 11th and 12th grade, Bar attended UBC, an international college to which she was accepted out of hundreds of applicants. Before that, she went to school in Yavne and served in the Intelligence Corps' 8200 Unit. Upon her release from the army she started working for the defense ministry.


"She followed her dreams," her friends and family said.


The Department for Israeli citizens abroad in the Foreign Ministry and the Delhi Consulate are coordinating the retrieval of Bar's body home, despite the extreme weather conditions in the area.


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