Ya'alon: 8200 unit's refusal assists de-legitimacy campaigns against Israel

Following the refusniks' letter of 8200 unit soldiers, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said: "I know Unit 8200 from my time as head of Military Intelligence and know the massive scope their efforts play in Israel's security. They soldiers and officers there are doing God's work, night and day – 8200 preserves Israel's existence.


"The attempt to harm it and its work, through calls to refuse to report for duty, based on claims that are incongruent with the unit's ways and the values of its people, is a base and distasteful attempt to aid the hateful and dishonest anti-legitimization campaign being led around the world against Israel and the IDF."


Ya'alon followed the prime minister in backing the unit, and said "the people of Unit 8200 are moral, ethical and dutifully fulfill their diverse missions. I wish to express my support of them and of their important work."


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